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How do I place my order?

Send us a mail ( with all the information.

Do you have free / sample trial benefits before ordering work?

Of course, you can test our work with 2/3 sample files to verify the quality of our work. You can upload your sample file to us via E-mail (, website free form, etc. or send it by sharing via Google Drive and Drop Box.

How do I send and receive files / images?

We have kept 04 (four) sources of easy file transfer. You can use any source you like. So, your files / images 04 (four) simple ways to send and receive.

  2. File sharing protocols, such as: use Google Drive
  3. File sharing protocols, such as: use Dropbox
  4. E-mail

Don’t see the file in my e-mail inbox?

If no files / folders were found in your mail inbox, please check the “Spam” or the “Important” option on the left. If none of these files / folders are found, click on the “All Mail” option. Look at the screen this time to show all mails together. Download the file / folder you need now.

If you have not received the file / folder after following these procedures, please let us know quickly. We will assist you immediately.

How is the quality of the work?

Long years working experience on professionally Graphics Design & Desktop Publishing (DTP). Experienced in various phases of graphics design, offset printing, digital print operations. Strong focus on managing creative excellence, creating positive, development relationships for both internal & external clients.

Can I upload compressed files like Zip or Winrar?

Yes, you can easily upload compressed files.

Which file formats can be uploaded?

You can send your documents / images to any commonly used file format. We will contact you immediately if there is a problem with the specific format.

How to upload files?

You can upload files via, Google Drive, Dropbox or email. Please contact us for assistance.

How about payment method?

We have several payment options at your convenience. You can easily pay us with Taptap Send, Remitly, Master Card, Payoneer, Paysend, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

Do you know the final work delivery deadline?

Usually the final work delivery time depends on the complexity and quantity of work / image. Our team is always ready to finish your work on time. We try to get things done before the deadline. Please let me know if there is a schedule for you. In case of emergency work, we will deliver within the specified time.

How is the delivery of printed products?

Products are delivered by Air within 3 to 4 business days upon completion of print.

How to send Quotation?

Project’s name, a brief description of the project, package name, refers to the total amount of money paid in advance and send e-mail.