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The talented and creative graphics designers of “Graphicstec” are able to provide attractive design service at your heart’s content. Besides, professional any type of design becomes trendy and handy through our service which would be bound to pump up your objectives.

Graphicstec Other Special Services

Special Services
Every customer is valuable and respected to us. We have kept the services in mind so that the customer can come to us and get all the work done at one place. The contents of each service are detailed below.

@ Content creation
Content creation is the process of generating ideas, producing and sharing material aimed at a specific audience.

This content can take various forms, including:
1) Written Content: Articles, blog posts, social media posts, e-Books, and whitepapers. 2) Visual Content: Images, infographics, illustrations, and memes. 3) Video Content: YouTube videos, webinars, tutorials, live streams, and short clips. 4) Audio Content: Pod casts, audio books, and voice overs. 5) Interactive Content: Quizzes, polls, and interactive infographics. 6) Graphics Design: Logos, branding materials, art. 7) Games and Apps: Mobile and web applications that provide information or entertainment.

Content creation typically involves several steps:
1) Idea Generation: Brainstorming and researching topics that will engage the target audience. 2) Planning: Outlining and structuring the content. 3) Creation: Writing, designing, recording, or producing the content. 4) Editing: Refining and polishing the content to ensure quality. 5) Publishing: Sharing the content through various platforms like websites, blogs, social media. 6) Promotion: Marketing the content to reach a wider audience, social media, email etc.

@ Image optimization
Image optimization refers to the process of modifying and delivering high-quality images in the optimal format, dimensions, and resolution for the device to access. Most of a website’s data usually consists of images. Website Image Optimization refines images to make pages lighter, reducing load time.

@ Image to text converts
Image to Text Outputs a text from a given image. It works by analyzing the pixels of the image and then converting them to sound. Converts scanned documents to text or digital formats and makes them usable.

@ File conversion PDF to word
File conversion is a basic process in the world of digital data management and technology. It refers to converting a digital file from one format to another format. For example, you may need to turn a Word document into a PDF file.

@ Large file size compression
File compression is a process that reduces the size of one or more files so that they use less storage space and can be transmitted over a network more quickly. It enables the creation of a version of one or more files with the same data in a substantially smaller size than the original file.

@ Keyword setup in images
Keywords are tags that can be added to photos to make them easily searchable Key wording describes the process of giving each image specific descriptive keywords so that they are easily findable in an image database.

@ Targeted Web URL Extraction
Bulk URL Extraction is the ability to load multiple URLs at once and use them. Web scraping automates the process of getting the data displayed by websites.

@ Email Extraction from webiste
Email Extractor specializes in recovering all email addresses found in URLs. It works at high speed and extracts email addresses from web pages quickly. It performs multiple searches to facilitate extracting emails from the internet.

@ Social media business page creation & details info. setup
Using a business social media account lets you track users and posts. A Business Page account lets you take advantage of paid and promoted posts and ads, which you can’t do with a personal account. A business page usually provides information about the business, such as name, category, contact details and a profile picture.

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